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Guangdong Benhao Lighting Co., Ltd. is committed to promoting green, energy-saving, reliable high-quality LED lighting products with pragmatic, innovative, honest and service business philosophy. Products to cost-effective guide to the concept of light experience, to meet the needs of customers at all levels, looking to the future to become a leading brand in China's lighting industry and unremitting efforts!

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Guangdong Sanzhi Lighting Co., Ltd. has its own brand "Benhao Lighting". It has been more than ten years since its establishment. It is a professional manufacturer engaged in the development, production, sales and service of lighting fixtures. It is a leading LED brand enterprise with a total of 300 people.


The company's products have passed the certification of CCC, CE, ROHS, GMC and other authoritative bodies, strictly implement the ISO9000 standard quality management system, the company has always been "pragmatic, innovative, integrity, service" as a business philosophy, for many years by the domestic and foreign market new and old customers favor, has been recognized by the market.


While we are making progress, we have been observing the market trends and development, collecting customer suggestions, according to the company's development direction, the development of user needs of products, enhance the value of products, the product cost performance as an important yardstick to measure.


We have gone through the changes of lighting industry, from 12V halogen lamp, E27 barrel lamp, to metal halide lamp, to high-power LED, covering rail spotlight, ceiling spotlight, 5730 barrel lamp, 2835 barrel lamp; and then to integrated COB products, including COB PAR30 series, COB barrel lamp series, COB ceiling lamp series, COB grid lamp series, COB bean gall lamp series, COB guide lamp series. The track lamp series has already formed the leading influence in the market. The product line further develops and produces LED T5/T8, LED panel lamp, LED ceiling lamp, LED light source, LED bulb, industrial and mining lamp, fresh lamp, lighting lamp and other products according to the requirements of customers, and gains the unanimous approval of the market.


We are ready! Create brilliance with customers.

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